Xamarin Application Development

The most robust development tool for all mobile applications is Xamarin. With loads of mobile app development tools in the market, what makes Xamarin a perfect solution is, it makes an excellent option for the most native and the hybrid applications as well. There are also other advantages of using the single code native apps for various platforms like IOS, Android and Windows phone can be built with Xamarin. Though many tools make this possible, it can be seen that this tool helps to get this done with single code base using C#.

When an app development is required, it can be seen that using different tools for various platforms involves a lot of money. When using Xamarin, it is possible to create apps in a cost efficient manner as the same code can be used for the various operating system platforms. Also, this does not involve much time, as across platforms a single tool helps to get the job done within no time.

We at I360 offer services with Xamarin Mobile app development tool, and as mentioned it is the most cost efficient and the less time-consuming tool. You can get our experienced developers exploiting this advantage to offer the best services to our clients. Our developers, who have experience in the other cross platforms, offered us the better understanding of the Xamarin tool, and we have the most efficient way of handling this dynamic tool. You can count on us for coming up with solutions that are specific to various devices!

Why do we Prefer Xamarin?

  • Using C# cross-platform development can be availed from Xamarin.
  • Development of native user interface is possible.
  • All the .NET libraries that exist till date can be reused.
  • Integration of Xamarin studio and the visual studio as well.
  • No higher costs are involved.
  • Can be designed to suit the specific platform and no requirement of platform specific knowledge.
  • No need to use specific development platforms for specific devices like for iOS devices Mac OSX was needed.

Why choose us?

  • We at i360 have experienced developers, who can make use of the Xamarin tool to its real potential.
  • The access to the native APIs can be delivered with a complete compilation of code that is with great performance is offered by us.


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