Sales Force Customization

Salesforce Customization Services

Our customized services and the sales force actions are popular in the international market. All services are tailor made to suit the needs of various customers. We ensure an increase in business’ profit with the scalable results.
Clients use various mobile devices and the business should cater to the needs of these customers. Customization and integration of services for the mobile world are the buzz of the business world.


Our trained experts offer all-in-one integration flawlessly, with the applications that exist. The needs of the API integration and executions are achieved with ease. Integration is classified as data integration and process integration.

Data Integration

Data integration is required to achieve genuine information when data are spread over more than one framework. For the data integration to happen quickly and simply, administration methods of legitimate data are required to make the process realistic and affordable. Various methods are relied upon for this integration like stream plan, and information management.

Process Integration

Process integration is needed when a business procedure has to influence a couple of applications to complete the project. For this type of integration, different applications are called for activating the application, and the boundaries are extended. There are also other kinds of integrations offered by us-

Security Integration

This is to offer better services by verifying the security over multiple applications.

UI Integration

When there are two or more applications and the user interfaces are to be joined, this integration offers freedom from considering the applications that run simultaneously, to the users.

Business Logic Integration

End to end business flow can be achieved with the applications being merged.

Identity Integration

To ensure that the clients’ requisites are met, this service has been enhanced. This is done by allowing the solitary sign on through applications. There are a few critical areas, which include the facilities offered by each application present, and the advantage is that this can be done with the volume of information and handling of any amount of transactions.


Managing the client campaigns, lead generations, operating the sales processes, and executing the service calls are offered to the customers. Sales and service apps are both developed by us, and we have the experts on both these, and also provide the overseeing client, parts, profiles and security settings. We also provide guidelines as an added service for OWD, reports, work process principles, support techniques, and dashboards. The group services, group communications and restoration of the issues are available with us through the custom chatter abilities, which results in enhancing the services we offer


As we are experts in integration and customization using the platform of SalesForce, you can trust us for the efficient implementation of the plans. Customization of various business processes, through SalesForce, is offered by us.
Import and Export of Information
Using the various apps, and tools we have made it possible for the migration of the data to one application to the other and also in cases where are more than 2 applications are involved.
Application Migration
We have used the migration services, for the metadata application distribution. This is a java based utility, and moving Metadata from a local system to the direction to another service and vice versa are offered successfully.
Mobile Platform Development