Responsive Web Design

In today’s world, mobile devices are enormously used for surfing the websites. However, still there are few websites which are not compatible with mobile devices. For the restriction on the size of the display on the mobile phones, a unique approach is needed on the different layouts of the mobile screens. These days, series of mobile screens of various sizes are available in tablets, desktops, and phones. When screen sizes keep changing with the growing technology, the website must be able to adapt to different sizes of screens. On the basis of screen size of the devices which are used more often, the responsive web design respond to the user requirements by changing the website layout. Layout of the website changes according to the size of devices and its capabilities. Like, the content might show in a single column in some phones whereas the similar content might show in two columns in a tablet.
There is a dynamic change in the appearance of the website by the responsive web design. Breakpoints are used by the technology for determining the appearance of the site layout. These breakpoints are determined on the basis of the browser’s width. In all the devices, the same HTML is served that uses CSS in order to change the layout of the page. Single code base is used to support the users with various view ports rather than having different comparable code bases and the websites for the large screen desktops, monitors, phones, laptops, and tablets. Proportion based grids in the responsive web design rely mostly on rearranging the content, as well as the design elements.
This service is introduced by the i360 Web Technologies which is known for its excellence in IT services that always keep in mind the requirements of the clients as regarding the mobile versions of the websites. There should be a separate design each for iPad, Net- Book, iPhone, Kindle, etc. Responsive web development and design have been introduced for having different mobile versions. No users will be lost while shifting between the mobile devices. There has been a fantastic approach towards a problem of website designing for the different devices available for the customers that ranges from the small screen smartphones to the big- screen desktops.

Responsive Website Services Provided by i360

  •  Unique development of slides, social networking integration, and presentations.
  •  Developing the systems which are mobile friendly with the advanced location integration.
  •  Creating the web applications which are driven by the database.
  •  Designing different and unique graphics and artworks.
  •  Designing the layouts of the responsive website.
  •  Design features of a personalized website.