Hybrid Mobile App Development

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Hybrid app development aims at adopting the technology of HTML5 mobile app development. Most of the companies and the developers are making use of the native apps and features of HTML5. Hybrid app runs the user interface in the embedded browser component. The native apps and the hybrid apps cannot be differentiated by the users and both of them can be downloaded from Apple App Store or from Google Play Store. They can be stored in the mobile phones and can be launched in the same way too. The difference is in the side of the developers, and the users hence cannot make a note of it. The developers do not need to write codes for different platforms from the scratch. What they actually do is to write a part of them in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. This lets them make use of the same codes in the different and multiple platforms.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Comprehensive and end to end mobile app development solutions are offered by i360 IT Services. We bring together HTML5 development with all the new mobile frameworks, like Sencha, PhoneGap and make apps that are similar to the native apps, for all the popular mobile platforms like iOS for the iPad and iPhone devices, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows OS for the mobile phones.

Benefits of Using the Hybrid Mobile App Development Include-

• Coding using the CSS, HTML5 and Javascript
• Development of apps across the platforms and cross-platform development are also done
• PhoneGap, Sencha and SproutCore open source technologies are used
• Access is provided to a wide range of device features and the capabilities to the users
• No need to browse for the same, simply apps can be downloaded and installed
• The performance of the device is increased
• The UIs are very interactive and impressive
• Less costly as compared to the rest of the methods

Developers of Hybrid Mobile App

A team of tech savvy, highly qualified and efficient developers are involved in the hybrid app development for the mobile platforms. The team of developers is very active in developing the codes HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. The leading technologies of open sources like PhoneGap, Sencha, and SproutCore are also used, and the developers are skilled and proficient in the same. Our developers have extensive experience in the same. The user experience offered by our team of developers is also magnificent. Our developers provide customized solutions for hybrid mobile app development to let the clients work across the various and multiple cross platforms. This results in bringing down the involved cost, faster delivery time, and the audience of the wider spectrum can be reached.

• Competitive Rates and Quotes

If you are looking for a developer for your hybrid mobile app development, or if you are waiting to get quotes from the expert, your search will stop here. Do not miss to get a quote from us, i360 IT Services. We offer competitive rates, and our developers are skilled, proficient and experienced professionals. We are the best in the app development market.

• Delivery Methods

We are quick and fast in our responsive methodology of development regardless of how complex the project is or what the scale is, we have a method of delivery that is streamlined. We offer them in a rapid manner, and we stick to the deadline. Your goals will be achieved within the budget.

• Expert Developers

We have a team of developers who can offer the results seamlessly, and ensure that the hybrid app works across the various platforms. The apps developed can be used in the smartphones, laptops and in the platforms like Android, iOS and Windows Phone OS.

• Transparent and Collaborative Process

Our process is transparent, and which you will know from the day one of handing the project to us. We offer solution and your unique needs about your business will be met. Get in touch with us by phone, email or live chat.

• Customer Satisfaction

Our goal and commitments all aim at satisfying our customers and we ensure that the project works smooth, and your feedback directly reaches the CEO.

Why Clients go for i360 IT Services?

  • Responsive methodology of development
  • Solutions that are award winning
  • Competitive rates
  • Quality assurance and testing in the ambiance of Go Live scenario
  • Team of experts developing the apps
  • Collaborative and transparent process
  • Proven track record for successful mobile web app development
  • Cost effective and lesser time-consuming methodology

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