Chromecast App Development

Chromecast App Development

A 2-inch dongle Chromecast apparently resembles a pen drive. It acts as a Wi-Fi dongle when plugged into the HDMI port of the TV. Also, this serves as a portal for the mobile’s content. Chromecast is powered by the Chrome OS, which has a memory of 256 K. Launching the apps on the computer or on the mobile devices is made easy by Chromecast.

Advantages of Using Chromecast

With Chromecast, your system will not bog down in spite of running too many tasks in the background. In other words, it does not hang or get stuck in the middle of doing some crucial task. It saves the battery life of computer. The Chromecast works on Android devices, iPads, iPhones, Chrome for Mac and Windows seamlessly.
HBO GO, Vadu, YouTube, Netflix, and All Cast are few of the apps that work flawlessly with Chromecast and of late, the demand of Chromecast has speedily started growing up.

Why Hire Our Chromecast Developers?

Using the magnificent device of Chromecast, Data can be cast on small screen to televisions and large screens. This hardware from Google has made it possible for the users to watch the online content on the TV screen by pressing a button on laptop, TV, or on the mobile devices.
With Chromecast, mobile phone can be used as a joystick to play video games on the TV screen. Using various sensors, it is now possible to create numerous amazing apps that will work on the TV screen.
Our developers are competent enough for developing and publishing Google Cast-ready apps. These apps are available on all the platforms like iOS, Android or the web apps. Chromecast can be used on all platforms that make use of the Chrome browser and also Chrome books.
Our developers make use of the Google Casting Technology for developing the apps to fit in the contents of media and non-media on the larger screens at home or office.
Hire our Chromecast developers and you will no longer need to stick to the services of single digital TV provider for connecting the digital TV.